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Resin Bound Surfaces

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Resin Bound Cleaner is an effective high-performance cleaner, which helps to remove stubborn greasy stains and heavy soiling for resin bound aggregate areas.

Protecting your investment

Fast acting
Easy to use
Waterborne product
Does not alter the treated surface

Why use Resin Bound Cleaner?

Always test a small inconspicuous area before proceeding to ensure the finished result is satisfactory.

Shake the container well before use.

Apply liberally using a low-pressure pump sprayer or watering can and agitate with a stiff brush.

For heavy soiling – use neat

For general soiling – 1 part Resin Bound Cleaner with up to 10 parts water

Allow to act for 5-10 minutes, agitate with a stiff brush again and whilst the surface is still wet, thoroughly rinse, ensuring all residue is removed.
For optimum results use warm water.

For removing stubborn stains and deep penetrating lubricating oil, it may be necessary to apply the product multiple times allowing 10 minutes between applications.

PACKAGING5 litre (169floz) container

COVERAGE1 Litre = 5m2 to 15m2 (33.8floz = 53ft2 to 161ft2)The figures indicated are approximate and should only be used as a general guideline. See application for dilution ratios.

Technical Information

For further information please contact the Customer Service Team

Phone: 0330 333 8030

“Whether you need a general purpose, regular use cleaner for your stone or have a particular stubborn stain to remove, the Pavetuf range has it covered.”

If you have an existing path, patio or driveway, you would like to seal with Pavetuf, we recommend the use of our cleaning range first, to ensure when sealed in, the stone is clean and at its best. In fact, once Pavetuf sealed, ongoing maintenance of your stone becomes much easier, as the Pavetuf sealers will not allow the ingress of dirt, stains, grease and organic micro-organisms, so cleaning becomes a simple surface wash off.


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