Pavetuf is a range of products designed to support the installation, maintenance and protection of your hard landscaping.

An established range of products, Pavetuf includes:

• A priming slurry to provide a secure bond between a new mortar base and stone or porcelain paving

• Two jointing options and a squeegee to joint paved areas

• Four porcelain Pavetuf jointing grouts

• A high performance cutting blade for porcelain

• A range of Pavetuf risers for paving and decking

• A range of sealants to help protect paving from staining, each offering a different finish and look

• A range of specialist cleaners, each designed to tackle different types of stains for a range of different landscaping materials

• A range of aluminium Pavetuf edgings




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Available for:

Trade Customers

pavetuf outdoors

The Pavetuf range of products is available in an exclusive trade package, complete with product, customer tester kit, point of sales material and stand, ready to be displayed efficiently and attractively within your premises. To find out more or to become a stockist please contact us on 0330 333 8030 or email

Landscaping professionals and homeowners

natural paving

Pavetuf is available to buy in your required quantities ‘off the shelf’ from our range of stockists. To find out more or where/who your local stockist is please contact us on 0330 333 8030 or email