6th November 2014 4:06 pm No Comments

Providing professional protection and cleaning for natural stone, Natural Paving Products ‘Pavetuf’ range now includes a Salt Eraser, designed to remove efflorescence and prevent its reappearance.

After installation it is common for salt to rise through and sit on the surface of stone paving, creating unwanted white marks. The new Pavetuf Salt Eraser is a specific cleaning agent that penetrates deep into the stone without harming the substrate, removing the problem and providing lasting protection.

The powerful salt neutralising formulation can be applied to natural stone landscaping with peace of mind, as the water based and environmentally friendly cleaning agent does not alter the aesthetics of the stone. Easily applied using a spray or brush, Pavetuf Salt Eraser is simple to use and provides professional results. What’s more, its efficiency means that one litre of Pavetuf Salt Eraser will treat 5-10m2 of stone.

For maximum effect, Natural Paving Products recommends using the Pavetuf Salt Eraser in conjunction with one of its Pavetuf sealants. Applying a Pavetuf sealant to the treated paved area, once the Pavetuf Salt Eraser has had a chance to dry, means the likelihood of further efflorescence is reduced. What’s more, if salt did reappear, the fully breathable Pavetuf sealants would allow it to rise to the surface of the stone, making it even easier to remove. Importantly, the use of a non-breathable sealant might trap in the efflorescence and make it much more difficult to remove.

Malcolm Gough, Business Development Director at Natural Paving Products, commented: “The new Pavetuf Salt Eraser is a fantastic product that solves an industry wide problem efficiently and effectively. Creating a new patio, driveway or path requires a significant financial outlay and it can be frustrating to see white marks starting to cover your new landscaping project / investment. Customers can be confident that our new Pavetuf Salt Eraser will deal with the problem thoroughly whilst protecting the original aesthetics of their natural stone.”

Pavetuf Salt Eraser can be used on a wide variety of natural stone driveways, patios, pathways and masonry including coloured stone, concrete, artificial stone, terracotta, granite, marble and clay.

The Pavetuf range is part of a focused drive of new product innovation for 2014 from Natural Paving Products. The range includes two fully breathable sealants in invisible and satin finishes that can be applied as soon as the stone is laid and three cleaners: General Cleaner, Deep Cleaner and Green-Off Cleaner.