Priming Slurry

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  • The Priming Slurry is designed to bond paving to a new mortar bed.
  • We recommend this product must be used for all external porcelain paving, to help adhere the porcelain flags to a new mortar bed.
  • The slurry can also be used on most other stone flags, should you wish to provide an additional layer of adhesion.
  • As a secondary function, the slurry can also be used to bond a mortar base onto concrete or screed.

Pavetuf Priming Slurry is a polymer and cementitious slurry, specifically formulated to provide an exceptional bond between a new mortar base and all types of stone and porcelain paving.

The Priming Slurry is essential for use in all external porcelain paved areas, as porcelain is a non porus material, therefore requiring the priming slurry to secure the porcelain flagstone onto the mortar bed. For other stone paving materials, the Priming Slurry is not crucial, but will provide additional adhesion support.

Why use Priming Slurry?

Pavetuf Priming Slurry Application

Provides exceptional bond between mortar and most types of paving elements.

User-friendly – requires only the addition of water on-site.

Quick and easy application.

Excellent workability.

Technical Information

For further information please contact the Customer Service Team

Phone: 0330 333 8030

“Whether you need a general purpose, regular use cleaner for your stone or have a particular stubborn stain to remove, the Pavetuf range has it covered.”

If you have an existing path, patio or driveway, you would like to seal with Pavetuf, we recommend the use of our cleaning range first, to ensure when sealed in, the stone is clean and at its best. In fact, once Pavetuf sealed, ongoing maintenance of your stone becomes much easier, as the Pavetuf sealers will not allow the ingress of dirt, stains, grease and organic micro-organisms, so cleaning becomes a simple surface wash off.


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