9th July 2014 1:17 pm No Comments

Designed to enhance and protect the subtle appeal of natural stone, Natural Paving Products (UK) Ltd has launched Pavetuf – a new range of sealants and cleaners that can be applied as soon as the stone has been laid.


Pavetuf sealants are fully breathable, meaning they will not trap in efflorescence, which can cause unsightly markings and structural damage to the stone. Most manufacturers recommend waiting a minimum of three months before applying sealants to newly laid stone in order to let this efflorescence escape, however this leaves stone exposed to the elements and vulnerable to discolouration from vegetation, birds, pets and spillages.

Not only can Pavetuf be applied immediately, it penetrates deep within the stone and begins to work straight away, helping to keep Natural Paving Products’ beautiful hard landscaping products in optimum condition from the very outset. What’s more, this high quality protection is resistant to UV and lasts for up to eight years, unlike many other sealants that have to be re-applied after twelve months.

Providing total protection for all porous paths, drives and patios, the high quality sealants repel water and oil, shielding the stone against the effects of atmospheric and industrial pollution, greasy soiling, water seepage, acid rain, airborne dirt, organic materials and even chewing gum. In fact, landscaped areas treated with Pavetuf sealant can even be described as self-cleaning, as rainwater will wash away any materials that cannot penetrate into the stone and are left on the surface.

Suitable for use on all porous natural stone, such as sandstone, granite, marble and slate, the sealants are available in two formulations. The Invisible Sealant dries with a matt, nearly invisible finish, while the Satin Sealant dries with a subtle colour enhancing satin finish – which works particularly well with the recently launched Carbon Edge Limestone.

In addition to the sealants, the Pavetuf range includes a choice of three cleaners, each designed for a particular requirement. The General Cleaner is a biodegradable maintenance cleaner for everyday use on stone, brick and concrete installations, while the Deep Cleaner provides more intense cleaning for heavy-duty dirt and grime. The Green-Off Cleaner is a powerful and high performance cleaner that removes moss fungi and all organic soiling from paths, drives and patios without damaging treated surfaces.

Malcolm Gough, Business Development Director at Natural Paving Products commented: “We’re really pleased to introduce this new range to our portfolio of products and think that it will provide the perfect partner to our natural stone paving. We’ve spent a great deal of time researching and developing the range to ensure that it delivers the highest quality standards that our customers have come to expect from us – and we’re very proud of the results.”

The Pavetuf range is part of a focused drive of new product innovation for 2014 from Natural Paving Products, which also includes the launch of the striking black Carbon Edge limestone, three new additions within the Fossestone block paving collection and a further extension to the popular Vande Moortel range of clay pavers, which sees four new offerings.

All of the new additions can be found alongside Natural Paving Products’ extensive portfolio of products in its recently launched brochure and redesigned website, accompanied by a wealth of inspirational and helpful images.