Jointing Options



Finish off your porcelain and stone paved areas, using one of our Pavetuf jointing products. See the options below and choose the right Pavetuf jointing product for your job, depending on the sub base of the paving, application and desired look.



Pavetuf Jointing Compound 15kg 


An easy to apply all weather Jointing Compound.

Apply with water | Apply in all weathers | No waste, excess product can be stored with water in the tub | Can fill joint widths from 3mm-20mm and joint depths from a minimum of 20mm  | Walk on in 24-48* hours | Fast and easy to apply | 15m2+ approx coverage

*In wet and colder conditions curing can take considerably longer.

Because Jointing Compound is an air cured product water needs to freely drain from the joints to enable it to cure and harden properly. It is important to note that it should only be used on a suitable permeable full mortar base. For more information please contact the Customer Care Team on 0330 333 8030.
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Pavetuf Jointing Grout 9kg 



An easy to apply tile grout, ideal for use with Vitripiazza porcelain paving and cladding products.

Easy to apply | Efflorescence free | Water repellent | For joint widths 1-15mm | Stain resistant | Rapid setting | Internal & external use

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Pavetuf Jointing Mortar 15kg 


The jointing Mortar is a professional, rapid setting mortar which provides a contemporary finish.

Apply with water | Drive on in 4 hours | High level of compressive strength | Can fill joint widths from 5mm-50mm and joint depths from a minimum of 20mm | Walk on in 1 hour | Mixes quickly on site | 7m2+ approx coverage

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