Unlike most other sealants the water based Pavetuf Invisible Sealant and Satin Sealant are unique and fully breathable, allowing efflorescence to escape whilst acting as a barrier, protecting the stone against most elements and staining. This means that the sealants can be applied as soon as the patio/path/driveway is complete.

Lesser quality and cheaper sealants on the market cannot be applied in this way, as most are not breathable and will lock in the efflorescence which needs to escape from the stone after installation. Trapped efflorescence will create marking and future problems. Most sealer manufacturers therefore recommend a 3 month waiting time from the stone being installed to application of their sealant. Within those 3 months, the stone is exposed to all of the elements and other potential risks i.e. leaves, birds, pets, red wine spillage. The risk is minimised if you apply the Pavetuf Sealant immediately after the patio is completed, so the potential for problems is minimised. As the Pavetuf product penetrates deeply into the stone it starts to work immediately and provides protection for up to 8 years, unlike other sealants that only guarantee 12 months protection.


You can use Pavetuf Sealants on paths, drives and patios of the following materials:

  • Natural stone
  • Concrete
  • Artificial stone
  • Terracotta
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Clay

Why use the Pavetuf Sealants?

  • Fully breathable and can be applied as soon as the path / patio / drive is laid – unlike many other sealants
  • Protects the stone against ageing, atmospheric and industrial pollution, greasy soiling, water seepage, acid rain, airborne dirt, organic growths and even chewing gum
  • Can actually make the landscaped area self-cleaning as in rainy spells, the rain water will wash away material that is unable to penetrate your patio, resting on the surface
  • Lasts up to 8 years
  • Water based and easy to apply
  • Professional quality products
  • Environmentally friendly

“Pound for pound it makes sense to use Pavetuf Sealants on all your paths, patios and driveways, in fact using a Pavetuf Sealer will cost you as little as £2 per square meter.”

Both of the sealants are exterior anti-stain treatments that are water and oil repellent and provide total protection for all porous paths, drives and patios.

The main difference between the two products is the aesthetic finished look it gives to the stone, once the sealant has dried and how we recommend you apply it to the stone: 

satin sealer

Satin sealer


Dries with a satin, enriched look as it is impregnated with a small amount of acrylic to enhance the colour of the stone


Ideally apply with a garden weed sprayer


Invisible sealant

Invisible sealer


Dries with a matt, almost invisible finish


Ideally apply with a garden weed sprayer, finishing with a brush or roller



More products


pavetuf brown small

Pavetuf Priming Slurry

Pavetuf Priming Slurry is a polymer and cementitious slurry, specifically formulated to provide an exceptional bond between a new mortar base and all types of stone and porcelain paving.

Sealers Slide Orange

Pavetuf Invisible Sealant

Dries with a matt, almost invisible finish.

Pavetuf red sealant

Pavetuf Satin Sealant

Dries with a satin, enriched look as it is impregnated with a small amount of acrylic to enhance the colour of the stone.

pavetuf joining mortar small

Pavetuf Jointing Mortar

A professional, rapid setting Jointing Mortar, available in a choice of 2 colours

rust remover

Pavetuf Rust Remover

Perfect for removing stubborn rust marks and staining.

pavetuf joining small

Pavetuf Jointing Compound

A professional and easy to apply all weather jointing compound, available in a range of 3 colours.

salt eraser

Pavetuf Salt Eraser

A cleaning agent specifically designed for the effective removal and on-going repellent of salt/efflorescence from stone

general pavetuf cleaner

Pavetuf General Cleaner

An ‘every day’ cleaner that cares for and keeps your paving spick and span.

deep cleaner

Pavetuf Deep Cleaner

A heavy duty deep cleaner to tackle stubborn greasy stains and soiling.

green cleaner

Pavetuf Green-off Cleaner

Perfect for removing natural soiling and organic stains.