Jointing Mortar

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You can use the Jointing Mortar on paved areas of the following materials, that have been laid on a full bed of mortar:

  • Natural stone
  • Concrete
  • Artificial stone
  • Terracotta
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Clay
Jointing Mortar Rapid Setting
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The Jointing Mortar is a professional, rapid setting mortar which provides a contemporary and effective finish to paved areas.

Protecting your investment

We understand that creating a new patio, driveway or pathway requires a significant financial outlay, so to protect your new asset we highly recommend using Pavetuf to provide optimum care of your new landscaping investment. The Jointing Mortar is the strongest available of its kind and provides landscaping projects with rapid setting, solid joints, which can be walked upon after just 1 hour. It is available in 2 colours, gun metal grey and silver grey. Each 15kg tub will cover 7m2 – 12.5m2 subject to the paving size and joints. From a 15kg tub you can achieve coverage of:

  • 7m2 based upon 500mmx500mm pavers, with a joint width of 10mm and a joint depth of 30mm.
  • 8.5m2 based upon 400mmx400mm pavers, with a joint width of 10mm and a joint depth of 20mm.
  • 8.5m2 based upon 600mmx600mm pavers, with a joint width of 10mm and a joint depth of 30mm.
  • 10.5m2 based upon 500mmx500mm pavers, with a joint width of 10mm and a joint depth of 20mm.
  • 12.5m2 based upon 600mmx600mm pavers, with a joint width of 10mm and a joint depth of 20mm.

Why use Pavetuf Jointing Mortar?

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  • Can fill joints from 3mm-50mm and joint depths of up to 200mm
  • Walk on within 1 hour
  • Drive on within 4 hours
  • Mixes quickly on site
  • Very strong -49.6N/mm

Work out how many tubs of the Jointing Mortar you need – click here to use our simple calculator.

Jointing products compared

To help you select the most appropriate jointing product, please refer to our comparison table below:

Product Finish Colours Application
Jointing Compound Granular, traditional Choice of 3; black, grey, buff Simple and relatively quick, 1 person job. Suitable for DIY and trade professionals.
Jointing Mortar Smooth, concrete effect Choice of 2; gun metal grey, silver grey 2 person job, suitable for landscaping professionals. Will require a slurry wash off area.

Technical Information

jointing-mortar-how-to-guide-front-coverPlease note that this product is ideal for use by trade professionals and requires a minimum of 2 people to apply the product. Full details on how to use and store the Jointing Mortar can be found on the product packaging.

Click here to download our Jointing Mortar ‘How To Guide’

For further information please contact the Customer Service Team

Phone: 0330 333 8030

“Whether you need a general purpose, regular use cleaner for your stone or have a particular stubborn stain to remove, the Pavetuf range has it covered.”

If you have an existing path, patio or driveway, you would like to seal with Pavetuf, we recommend the use of our cleaning range first, to ensure when sealed in, the stone is clean and at its best. In fact, once Pavetuf sealed, ongoing maintenance of your stone becomes much easier, as the Pavetuf sealers will not allow the ingress of dirt, stains, grease and organic micro-organisms, so cleaning becomes a simple surface wash off.


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