About Us

Company Overview

Pavetuf is a new and innovative brand that has been created under the wing of Natural Paving Products, (NPP’s) the UK’s leading independent supplier of high quality, ethically sourced natural stone paving to the landscaping industry. Over the past ten years NPP’s commitment to excellent quality and customer service has led to the development of Pavetuf and their excellent reputation across the industry.

For a number of years NPP had never recommended stone cleaners and advised against using sealers on natural stone. But as product technology has advanced in conjunction with our deeper understanding of stone and it’s need for protection and care, we are pleased to recommend Pavetuf for all outside paving areas. The launch of Pavetuf has followed much research, testing, customer feedback and the development of a range of innovative and high quality products.

For example, a major attribute of the Pavetuf Sealers is that they can be applied as soon as the paving is laid and will last for up to 8 years – something that is unique to Pavetuf.

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The Power of Pavetuf Sealants

Ultimate protection from stains

The Pavetuf Sealants can be trusted and relied upon to keep your paving stain free and well maintained, something we are proud to put our names to. The Sealants provide the stone with a protective barrier, preventing spillages from penetrating and staining the stone.