Pavetuf – Cleaning & Maintenance Products

Pavetuf is Natural Paving’s exclusive range of natural stone maintenance products, comprising a range of high performance jointing compounds, cleaners and sealers, designed for paths, drives and patios. We understand that creating a new patio, driveway or pathway requires a significant financial outlay, so to protect your new asset we highly recommend using Pavetuf to provide optimum care of your new landscaping investment.

For a number of years now we at Natural Paving Products have advised against using sealers on our natural stone, but as product technology has advanced in conjunction with our deeper understanding of stone and its need for protection and care, we are pleased to recommend Pavetuf products for all outside paving areas. A major attribute of Pavetuf sealers is that they can be applied as soon as the paving is laid and will last for up to 8 years.

For ultimate protection seal your paving once laid with one of our fully breathable sealants, this will ensure that any marks or spillages can be easily removed by one of our cleaners.


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Invisible Sealant

Dries with a matt, almost invisible finish.

Sand Crete

Sand Crete is a surface enhancing sealant and sand stabiliser (sand joint hardener) that helps protect paving from weed growth, sand loss and staining.

Satin Sealant

Dries with a satin, enriched look as it is impregnated with a small amount of acrylic to enhance the colour of the stone.


Jointing Compound

A professional and easy to apply all weather jointing compound, available in a range of 3 colours.

Jointing Mortar

A professional, rapid setting Jointing Mortar, available in a choice of 2 colours



Deep Cleaner

A heavy duty deep cleaner to tackle stubborn greasy stains and soiling.

General Cleaner

An ‘every day’ cleaner that cares for and keeps your paving spick and span.

Green-off Cleaner

Perfect for removing natural soiling and organic stains.

Rust Remover

Perfect for removing stubborn rust marks and staining.

Salt Eraser

A cleaning agent specifically designed for the effective removal and on-going repellent of salt/efflorescence from stone

Trade Customers


The Pavetuf range of products is available in an exclusive trade package, complete with product, customer tester kit, point of sales material and stand, ready to be displayed efficiently and attractively within your premises. To find out more or to become a stockist please contact us on 0845 072 1150 or email

Landscaping professionals and homeowners


Pavetuf is available to buy in your required quantities ‘off the shelf’ from our range of stockists. To find out more or where/who your local stockist is please contact us on 0845 072 1150 or email